State Testing Registration

Important Notes:

  • We will schedule labs around the state to make it easy for parents / students to attend (see sample list below).
  • All State tests are overseen by employees of the school of enrollment.
  • Each student in grades K-6 participates in the applicable state assessments.
  • The tests are not timed and breaks are available.
  • Students can choose to complete the tests within one testing block OR they can register for multiple testing blocks.
  • Please arrive early in order to start on time. Once finished, students are free to leave.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to access test prep resources to come prepared (see Canvas Homeroom).

Oneida School District #351

25 E 50 S Suite A

Malad City, ID  83252

Idaho Falls – TBD

Twin Falls – TBD

Coeur d’Alene – TBD

Anywhere else to make it easy for you!