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Game Maker II - Design and Self-Publish Your Own Board Game

Level: Ages 5-18
Estimated Duration: Full-year


Provider: DreamLink Learning

LMS: Launchpad

Mode: Online Teacher-supported

Learn BY Doing

In Game Maker II: Continue building a game portfolio using our intensive design process. As you navigate the course, you will mix and match the key ingredients required to create a successful game while bolstering your addictive manufacturing skills. By the end of your quest, you will design, develop, prototype, and learn how to manufacture and market a fully realized game of your own original design. You will bring your game ideas to life!

Game Make II is guaranteed to cure “board-om”!

what you'll learn

  • Develop the skills and mindsets needed to be a successful game designer.

  • Continue to build your portfolio of game ideas.
  • Expand your additive manufacturing skills (3D Modeling and Printing).
  • Turn your game ideas into a fully realized product.
  • Learn how to brand and market your games.
  • Learn different ways to secure the necessary funding to market and manufacture your game.

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