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Financial Literacy for Youth

Level: Ages 11-18
Estimated Duration: Full-year


Provider: DreamLink Learning

LMS: Launchpad

Mode: Online Teacher-supported

Learn By Doing

Ever wonder how the stock market works?  Or thought about saving up for something big, but just wasn’t sure where to start? In this course on financial literacy for kids, you’ll learn all about managing your money and why it’s important. From buying a bike now to buying a house when you’re grown up, learning how to plan your finances is useful no matter how old (or young!) you are.



what you'll learn & create

  • Apply important real-life financial principles
  • Make informed decisions about personal finance
  • Navigate savings and loans, credit, investments, and financial planning
  • A personal budget and cost analyses on buying vs. leasing, renting vs. buying, and a research report on costs of living and education
  • View sample projects

system requirements

PC or Mac

Current Web Browser

Chromebook/iPad compatible

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course outline

Advertising & Goals

Tracking Money


Taxes and Entrepreneurs

Stock Market

Credit Cards, Loans and Debt


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I really enjoyed the feel of it all. The slow step by step processes allow you to feel curious and then want to learn as much as possible.” Caleb, 14

I really enjoyed making a budget because I never really created one before. I enjoyed learning the pros and cons on being an employee and a entrepreneur. I still don’t know what one I would rather be.

I enjoyed learning how to read a stock market graph and how the stock market goes up and down a lot more than you would think. I really enjoyed how they illustrate and give examples on how you would use that in life. It helps me know what I need to prepare for.” Karissa, 15

A really excellent hands on class. Loved the career building skills that came with it” Parent

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