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Drawing and Animation Foundations

Level: Ages 5-14
Estimated Duration: Full-year

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Learn By Doing

From cartoons on TV to animated feature films on the big screen, everything starts with a sketch. But how does a simple drawing turn into full-fledged animation? We’ll walk you through the process in this course on animation for kids, because a sketchbook doodle today can be something Pixar-worthy tomorrow.


    what you'll learn & create

    • Draw basic shapes and figures
    • Turn drawings into computer images
    • Use Meshmixer (an online sculpting program) to create 3D meshes
    • Operate HUE (stop-motion animation software)
    • Produce short stop-motion animation clips
    • View sample projects

    system requirements

    PC or Mac

    Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.10 or higher. Not Chromebook/iPad compatible

    Wacom Intuos Draw Small Pen Tablet


    Software license fee included with course

      Support From Expert Instructors

    Utah-Residents_0204_06   Satisfaction Guarantee

    course outline

    Draw a Character

    Adding Color and Frames

    Flip Book

    Types of Animation

    Final Project


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    My favorite thing was learning to do animation. I like making epic battles and setting them to music!”

    Caleb, 7

    I have loved everything about the My Tech High class this year, but my favorite was sculpting and doing stop animation projects. My brother and I have made several projects, and this summer my mom is going to help me set up a camp for other kids in our neighborhood so that we can teach them how to do stop animation projects, too.”

    Sara, 11

    My second son (11) loved his tech class – animation. He wasn’t much into drawing before the class and now is drawing all of the time and wants to take more classes like it.”

    Happy Parent

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