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Digital Photography

Level: Ages 11-14
Estimated Duration: Full-year

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what you'll learn & create

  • Discover modes and settings on your camera
  • Display your work in Mid-Year and End-of-Year Online Art Shows
  • Learn about lenses, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, shooting manual mode, and white balance
  • Review how to focus composition and lighting
  • Practice photo editing with 30-day trial version of Adobe Photoshop

system requirements

PC or Mac

Windows 7 or Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. iPad compatible

DSLR camera

Purchased separately

Adobe CC


  Support From Expert Instructors

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course outline

History of Photography

Get to Know Your Camera

Camera Modes

Focusing and White Balance

Aperture and Shutter Speed

Camera Lenses, Basic Editing and Lighting


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Digital Photography Careers

Digital Photography
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Food Photographer
  • Landscape & Nature Photographer
  • Medical Photographer
  • Film Set Photographer
  • Sports Photographer

I really enjoyed the feel of it all. The slow step by step processes allow you to feel curious and then want to learn as much as possible.”

Caleb, 14

A really excellent hands on class. Loved the career building skills that came with it”


At last year’s Showcase night, Gerardo (11) shared his professional portfolio with the audience and it was AMAZING!

Good photography is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent!”

Happy Attendee

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